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“You Wanna Bet?” Finding Satisfaction in Your Accomplishments

Superhero punch!We all have that internal dialog that tells us we can’t do something.  (I’ve named my inner voice Sasha)

“I can’t possibly lose those next 20 pounds! I’m exhausted.”

“I can’t get a raise this year. They have been really cutting back lately.”

“I can’t write this book. So many people have said this better than I ever could!”

This kind of inner talk is an immediate productivity killer.  

Negative language doesn’t have to be part of your dialog. I suggest trying the same kind of school yard motivation you did when you were in elementary school.

When someone tells you can’t do something your first response was likely, “You wanna bet?”

“I can’t finish these reports on time!”  Don’t give up! Answer with “You wanna bet?” Then establish the parameters of the challenge.  (This may not be politically correct but I’m encouraging you to bully your inner bully.)


The reports are due by the end of the day on Friday. It is noon on Thursday. Ask yourself the questions about your limitations:

What is preventing me?

What are my priorities?

How can I reorganize my schedule to make this happen?

How can I focus on this task?

When we were kids the question, “You wanna bet?” was rhetorical. We didn’t care about a physical reward, simply proving someone wrong was reward enough. Imagine how SUPER you will feel when you have done you needed to do!  The I-can-leap-small-buildings satisfaction you will feel when you accomplish the very thing you told yourself was impossible. Also . . . there is nothing wrong with a little reward at the end either!  .

Finishing something is powerful; whether it is your own personal goal or something established by an employer or another authority figure.  FInishing brings about immense satisfaction. Remember, the real mission for being motivated and ultimately accomplishing your goals: personal happiness.

Will you be happier if you lose those extra 20 pounds and feel better about yourself? Will you be more fulfilled if you finish that book you’ve been working on?

You Betcha!

So, you think you can’t be the very best you?  You wanna bet?




I’ve written a whole book on how to change your mindset; “BOOM Thinking: The Gutsy Guide to Breaking Out of Old Mindsets.”  You can get it as a book or an audio read by yours truly.  Click here to check it out!


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