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What would it be like to work your “but” off in only 30 days? 

I know you have one.  We all do.  Those “buts” that drag us down.

“I would do this . . . BUT.”   “I would do that  . . . BUT.”  Aren’t you sick of it?  Wouldn’t you like to quit whining and making excuses and do the things you want to get done?  This workbook can help!

 Cheri has taken some of the most helpful tips and tools she uses with her clients and put them all together in this 30 day product.  In this workbook, she gives you one key idea and one task each day to help you chisel down your excuses and get things done.  Truly, you will have a smaller “but” in 30 days or she will give you your money back.


  The 30-day email program is only $19.95.

That’s only .67 cents a day to have a smaller but!

Or get these same email program in a rockin’ workbook you can hold in your hand and return to over and over again!   For only $19.95!

Or get both for only 29.95! 

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