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What Really Matters

I woke up a little before 5 AM this morning.  I was lying in bed thinking about my day.  Then from the darkened hall I heard my son say “Mom?” .  I answered him, “What sweetie?”  He then replied “I love you”.  

Now that’s the way to begin a Valentines Day.  

Raising kids with special needs is trying.  Sometimes it’s down right hard.  For me, the hardest part is watching “normal” kids and families and feeling like I’m missing something.  And maybe I am.

I’m not the mother in the bleachers cheering for my kid as they make the winning point.  I don’t spend a lot of time showing off high grades and picking out colleges.  Instead I seem to fix a lot of broken items around the house, I make picture charts and schedules and I seem to be constantly working on the most basic academic pursuits.   

I get weary.  I worry.  I cry.  I feel cheated.

Then out of the darkness I hear the most special voice say “Mom, I love you.”  

Then I remember that LOVE is what it’s all about.  Not normal, not predictable, not winning points or scholarships.  

It is being lucky enough to share your life with people who love you and you love them back.  It’s not about “stuff” that looks good on Facebook to your friends (although there are days that I want this more than anything.)

LOVE…there it is.  And while my house is not a “normal” one…it is filled with love.  

Today, think about who you want to call out to from the darkness and tell them that you love them?  Then do it.

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