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Time Management Hacks

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst. —William Penn

yellow clockWith the popularity of sites such as, the idea of hacks to help you fix any problem or improve any skills is big news today.

I thought I would give the concept a try and discuss some hacks that can help you stay motivated, happy, and fired up both at work and at home.

Here are some time management hacks that can keep you on track.

  1. Prioritize. When you sit down to look at your To Do list don’t get caught up in the big picture. Evaluate each of the items and determine which are the most important. Then determine the most important task of your most important tasks. Do that first. Then do the next most important. And so on.
  2. Say No. A major reason many of us have trouble with time management is we try to please everyone. There may be situations where saying no is the best for you and for the person making the request. If you can’t give you full attention to their project, bow out of it. Suggest that someone else may be better suited to the task.
  3. Focus. Managers like to throw the term “Multi-task” around, but as it turns out there is really no such thing. Our brains weren’t designed to handle more than one thing at a time. If you do try, the quality of each task will suffer. When you’re working on something make sure your complete attention is on the project.
  4. Minimize distractions. It is so easy to pull up Facebook and just peek at what everyone is up to. It is really easy to get distracted by social media, conversations, or even daydreams. While you’re working on a project, don’t open any additional websites and close your office door if possible. However, you should build brakes into your day. Between projects give yourself 15 minutes to check Facebook or answer your emails before tuning those out again and moving on to the next job.
  5. Set deadlines. The easiest way to get something done on time is to get it done on time. When you take on the project make sure you know when it is expected to be returned and organize your time in a way that will make this happen. Without deadlines it is way too easy to procrastinate.

The most important thing to remember when you’re committing to tasks at work and at home is to keep everything fun. If it isn’t enjoyable you won’t want to do it. Work doesn’t have to be work.

I am Cheri Britton, Dynamite Motivational speaker, and I can help you get motivated, happy and fired up!  Contact me today!

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