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Be Thankful for Your Staff

In just a little over a week, people all over the US will be stuffing themselves with turkey and dresing, football, pumpkin pie and sleeping in their tennis shoes so they are ready for Black Friday shopping.  Sheesh!!!!! what has happened to Thanksgiving!  Though much of the lore surrounding the holiday is just the stuff of legend and it wasn’t declared a national holiday until 1942 and it seems now to be the prelude to Christmas . . .Thanksgiving is an American institution.

photo credit: plushoff via photopin cc

photo credit: plushoff via photopin cc

Before we take this day off and spend time with our families around the table, we should think a little about our employees and how they make our companies successful.  While we should be thankful for them all year round, Thanksgiving is a good time to share how much we appreciate the role they play in the success of the company.  

So, how can you show your appreciation for your staff this Thanksgiving? Here are a few simple ideas that won’t break the bank.

  • The tried and true potluck party. Everyone loves to take a break from the everyday and spend time socializing and celebrating. The office potluck has been a tradition for generations. Encourage your staff to bring in a simple dish to share with the rest of the team and spend an afternoon out of the cubicles and enjoying one another’s company.  Never underestimate the power of FOOD!
  • A Thanksgiving recipe swap. If hosting a potluck isn’t something you want to try, here is another idea to encourage the team to share with one another. Ask everyone to bring in one family Thanksgiving recipe. Post them on a bulletin board or make up small office recipe books to give out to the staff.  Believe it or not, people dig this kind of thing.  
  • Give a small gift of appreciation. Here is the twist; don’t just offer a gift card or the same present for everyone in the office. Spend time throughout the year to get to know your staff and get them something small that you know they would like based on their interests. While many offices exchange gifts around Christmas, this can be a good opportunity to surprise your staff and show them that you do really appreciate their work.  Picking out something special for each person may take extra time . . . but it’s worth it!
  • Mail thank you cards to their homes. It is really nice to receive a thank you note form your boss when you’re not expecting it. Take some time to write out a card and share your sincere thanks for the work they do and how they make the company successful. Mail it so it arrives the week of Thanksgiving if possible.

Being thankful for great employees and good work should happen all year round, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to demonstrate it during this season where everyone is super aware of thankfulness.

Do you want to know more way to show your appreciation to your employees? I can help with creative ideas and business coaching that can take your business to the next level. Contact me today!  

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