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Take Things from Impossible to Inevitable!

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“I dwell in possibility.”

Emily Dickenson

One of the most inspiring speakers I’ve ever heard (and I’ve seen a lot) was Glenn Morshower.  Glenn is a character actor whose face you would likely recognize but not know his name.  On television (West Wing, 24, etc.) and in movies (Transformers, Xmen, Moneyball) Glenn typically plays serious, hard-assed characters.  Wow, was I shocked when I heard him speak!  He is one of the funniest and most profound speakers I have ever experienced. (and that’s sayin’ a lot because I’ve heard tons of ‘em)

This is one of the best things he shared with us . . . and I share it with you.

He talked about the continuum from impossible to inevitable.

It goes something like this:

Impossible:  “Never, ever will this happen.  What a complete waste of time to even think about it.  Never, Nada, No way!”

Possible:  “Well, it could happen.  Strange, weird things happen sometimes, don’t they?  So I guess it’s possible.”

Probable:  “You know, I’m pretty sure this can happen.  Why can’t it?  It’s really likely because I’m meant to do it, right?  I should go ahead and plan for this to happen because it likely will.”

Inevitable:  “I better buy my ticket, make my plans, cuz’ its happening.  So there!”

Glenn was hoping to push all of us in the audience toward spending more time in the Inevitable.  I would love that, wouldn’t you? 

However, when we are stuck in Impossible, Inevitable feels like light years away.   

What if we simply moved up one step?  That would feel amazing, or at least it does to me.  But you have to know where you are. 

Two questions for you . . .

  1. In regards to the things that you want to get done, where are you?  Do you feel that it is impossible?  Or can see you see it is possible if you would just get off your fanny and work?  Or are you more optimistic and already see this thing happening?   
  2. What would it take for you to take one step on this continuum? 


So you want to write a book.  But if you’re honest, a big part of you thinks it’s impossible.  After all, you’ve never ever been published!  You’re terrible at grammar and who really cares what you have to say?  There are already a ga-zillion books out there.  Why does the world need one more?

You are at the impossible place. How do you move up along the continuum one step where you will see that it is POSSIBLE for you to write a book?   

How do you let a few new thoughts enter your mind that will “let” you be an author?  What evidence can you find of authors who were not really writers either yet have authored a book?  Have you done things in the past you once thought were impossible?

Your task is not to jump from Impossible to Inevitable . . . you would get the bends.  Instead, focus on moving up one step at a time.

Leap and the net will appear!

Cheri is a speaker, trainer, coach and has authored two books.  She helps people and organizations break out of old mindsets so they can lead happy, motivated and fired up lives.  She blogs to ignite you and help you get unstuck!

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