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Take a Chill Pill…It’s Only January!

What are you supposed to do if you just aren’t feelin’ the 2012 excitement?  What if you are feeling too worn out or worn down to pick your butt (and buts) up off the ground and start this new year off right?  

If this is you, no guilt. 

The holiday season leaves many of us a little wonky.  We’ve been untethered from our routines, our calendars have been bursting at the seams, our diets may have been sugar and gluten filled, we may have experienced high doses of joy or pain or both, and our adrenal glands have been on over-drive. 

Then comes the new year. 

I don’t know about you but I feel that I’m supposed to be perky and exhilarated and perhaps even effervescent about the blank canvas that lies before me.  And on some level I always am.  But sometimes not 100%.

What if you’re not really feelin’ the “It’s a New Year thrill” down to your little pinky toes? 

Is that a sign you’re setting yourself up to fail?  Should you put your “fake it until you make it” mentality into over-drive?  Should you do whatever you need to do so you project a joy-filled optimistic self…no matter what? 

No, No and No!

I’m here to say, lets just all relax a bit.  There is plenty of time to start this year off on a good foot.

What if we…

1.  First, put away all the 2011 clutter.  Yep….clean up last year’s mess and quit trying to start the new year with old crap hanging around.  Donate stuff you don’t need any more, clean out the refrigerator, vacuum up ever single pine needle.   Deliberately create a new space so that our year begins from a lovely, unencumbered space.  Once that is done… proceed to step 2. 

2.  Take a nap.  Yep, curl up on the couch or in your bed and sleep, read or meditate.  There really is no hurry, it’s only January.  So rest up and allow your mind to unclutter. BTW:  I took a sabbatical last year and did not do a whole lot from January through May and I still got more done in the remaining months than in any year before.  Hmmmm, could there be something magical about rest?

3.  Make a new kind of list this year.  Instead of a list of “I will” and “I will nots”, create a comprehensive list of how you want to feel in the new year.  Wouldn’t it be great to feel pleased, buoyant, supported, exhilarated, peaceful, joyful, satisfied, content, sexy, adventurous, or strong?  Yum!  Next, make another list of feelings you are willing to give up such as bitterness toward your ex, whining in public, believing that things should be hard, etc.  Paste these two lists together somewhere in your bathroom or your day timer.  These are REALLY what you are going for this year.

4.  Give your year a theme.  In other words name your year.  I’ve done this for many years.  I give each year a theme based on what I most want to draw into my life.  Last year was the Year of Moxie, the year before that was the Year of Thanks (which of course was an acronym for lots of good things. 

I’m still allowing this year’s theme to emerge but I’m pretty sure that It is going to be “My Year of Radical Faith”  Not quite sure but I’m just letting it come to me in it’s own sweet time.  Remember…it is only early January.

5.  Finally, ask yourself “Who can help me do this year differently?”  We humans need help.  You can not, nor should you try to do this “stuff” alone.  Help can come from a lot of different places; friends, family, coaches, support groups, authors, etc.     Who comes to mind when you think of getting help?  Trust that and then pick up the ding-dang phone!

So let me recap…clean up your space, then take a chill pill, breath in and out, and ruminate on how you want this year to be different.  Just relax…there is plenty of time. 




  1. Cheri gets it! I really like her suggestion to “give your year a theme.” This puts your future in your control. You named it; you own it! Hmmmm…. year of…. Thanks Cheri for the great advice.

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