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Organize a Flash Mob or Hiring a Singing Telegram: Creative Ways to Motivate in the Office

Have you had enough of the typical advice for motivating your office staff? Sure, you can offer rewards programs for good work or you can host a summer barbeque on a Friday, but those ideas will only take you so far. What about some of the more out of the box ideas? Never underestimate the element of surprise when it comes to getting your employees blood flowing and keeping them engaged with their jobs. Here are five totally wacky, completely insane, way outside the box ideas to add a little spice to an average day in the office. 

photo credit: shimelle via photopin cc

photo credit: shimelle via photopin cc

Management flash mob.

Depending on the size of your company it is likely that the average employee has very little interaction with the executives at the top. They may see them during kick-off meetings once a year and never hear from them again. Change the paradigm. Get your C-Level managers on board with an office flash mob. It doesn’t have to be huge but have everyone walk into a densely populated office area and start your routine. Practicing for the big event can also provide some team building for your management level employees.

Pajama day.

Once in a while, change your casual Friday to Pajama Friday. Encourage employees to come to work wearing their flannel PJs and host a slumber party at lunchtime. Show an 80s movie, eat popcorn, and even tell ghost stories in the dark.

Hire a singing telegram for no reason.

I’m not sure I need to say any more about this.

Design a “your office” bingo card.

Every office has a unique culture. There may be a specific client that calls once a day. There may be a certain glitch in the coffee machine that only happens when the stars are aligned. Put all of these items randomly on bingo cards and pass them out. The first person to get bingo wins a prize. The cards are cleared and it starts all over again.

Move stuff around.

After hours one day, spend some time moving wall art around the office. See if anyone notices. The next week move something like the copy machine or the water cooler. It will keep everyone talking the next day and keep them on their toes.

Keep your employees guessing! They will never know what you might do next. It will keep the energy positive in the office and will ultimately keep your team happy and engaged.


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