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Excerpted from “BOOM Thinking: The Gutsy Guide to Breaking Out of Old Mindsets”

You know the feeling – work is going all right, you’re reasonably comfortable in your relationship with a significant other, family communication is happening on a relatively regular basis, and while not perfect, your health is OK, too. All the important areas of your routine are right about average.

But then, “life” happens.

This reality that was fitting you like a comfortable old glove begins to pinch a bit. You’re passed over for that anticipated promotion. You and your spouse start to bicker over minor stuff. The kids seem to have sprouted horns and fangs overnight. And those favorite pants shrank in the dryer. Again. (Darn dryer!)

Suddenly, your life is not OK, and you realize, in hindsight, that you have

“settled” for an average existence while your unpursued dreams are burning a hole in your heart. The most dangerous thing about living in a velvet rut is most people don’t even realize they’re in one until the day they wake up and say, “What happened to me? Why am I so unhappy?”

The wonderful thing about reaching this state of mental, physical and/or spiritual pain is now you’re motivated to shift things around, to flush out the gunk that’s holding you back and reclaim your passion for life.


Welcome to BOOM Thinking!  Here is how the BOOM process works:

First, Put On the Brakes!

breakout-icon.gifWhat’s the major limiting belief in your life at this very moment that’s holding you back from where you want to be? Until you’re in serious discomfort with a situation, behavior or thought, you’ll just keep adjusting and plodding along in that same rut. Until you reach that tipping point, you’re not really ready to change anyway.

Then, Observe

out-icon.gifWhere did this limiting belief come from?  What triggers it?  Why, exactly, do you feel the need to haul this baggage around with you?  What do you NOT have to do as long as you keep holding on to it?  Limiting beliefs usually have VERY deep roots.  Take some time to dig deep.

Now, Obliterate!

old-icon.gifLiterally see this limiting belief being blasted to smithereens, relinquishing all of its power over you and your emotions. Thank it for whatever positive function it fulfilled in the past and confirm it is time for it to move on.

Finally, Make a New Mindset

m-icon.gifCreate a positive, powerful new thought or behavior to take the place of the one you just obliterated.  Embrace a new way of looking at a situation that stymied you in the past, or adopt an entirely new process for handling similar challenges in the future — one that will move you forward.

That, my friend, in a nutshell, is how the BOOM Thinking process works.