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Office Naps For The Win!

Remember how Robert Fulghum said that he learned everything he needed to know in Kindergarten? Well, most of us did but for some reason we have forgotten some of the basics over the years. Here is another gem we learned as kids.


Naps are restorative. They really do help us regenerate and reactivate but somewhere after Kindergarten it became taboo somehow to sleep for a short time during the day. But, some experts are suggesting it is the perfect antidote to the lack of workplace motivation in the afternoons.

“Maas says there’s a neurological reason power naps work. Though an EEG pattern—which measures the flow of electricity in the head—shows wakefulness while a person is excessively tired, the neurons involved in memory can be turned off, he says. So although a person is technically “awake” in this state of sleepiness, his or her memory neurons can go offline. Simply put, even though you’re awake, your brain isn’t.”

Do you have an empty room in your office? Most people have some space that would work in this manner. Spend a little time redecorating it. Use a comfortable cot or futon in the space. Or maybe a product like this one or this one. Add some soft lighting that can be easily switched on and off from the relaxation station. Also provide an easy to set but unobtrusive alarm. This is key to the napping process.

Naps in the workplace should not exceed 20 minutes. In the article linked above sleep expert Dr. Maas indicates that a longer nap will cause individuals to wake groggy rather than refreshed.

photo credit: RelaxingMusic via photopin cc

photo credit: RelaxingMusic via photopin cc

When you’re preparing your napping and relaxation room you should also take into account the needs of your employees who can’t quite shut off their brain long enough for a 15 minute nap. Include a spot to sit quietly or meditate. Provide a soothing noise machine to help facilitate mindfulness. Over time they may retrain their brains to rest more during the day which will not only help them stay motivated but will improve their overall health.

Once you have the napping room available to your employees be sure to encourage them to use it. The first step may be to lead by example. If your team knows that you make use of the room yourself they may be more inclined to give it a try.

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