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Mental Debt…It’s Time to lose the Wait!

For over 2 years I had been putting off paying my taxes. I had lots of excuses…

  • I don’t have time!
  • I HATE trying to find all the paperwork.
  • Come on…I’m a busy mom.blah blah blah.
  • There are other things to do that are more important.

But the biggest reason I kept putting off sitting down and getting current with the ole IRS was that I had mentally determined, based on my well-tuned psychic ability, that I owed $10,000.  And how motivating is that?!  Who wants to make time to sit down and write a big whopping check for that kind of money!?

So, I put it off…and I put it off…and I put it off.  

I put it off so long that the mental and ethical burden became just too large to bear.  I came to the tipping point where my desire to be a solid, responsible, LEGAL businesswoman prevailed.  So I set the intention to get the taxes done. 

Actually the goal read, written in the present tense “All my tax debt has been paid and I am current with the IRS by October 31, 2009”

Setting this clear intention (and doing A LOT of personal work to get off my Buts and my butt) set things in motion.

I sent off the paperwork to the CPA and began planning how I would find the $10,000 to pay this enormous debt.  I reconciled that I was going to have to pay it sometime so I might as well get it over with.

My accountant called.  I braced myself to hear the number.  I was being brave.  And then she said I was getting a refund. A REFUND? I was getting money back?  Not only was I NOT going to have to pay a lot of money, but I was getting a refund.

I was thrilled.

And while I am still pleased that I did not have to send a large check to Uncle Sam, this little tax experience of mine is not without it’s pain.

FOR OVER TWO YEARS I WAS MENTALLY IN DEBT.  I had been carrying around the burden of NOT ACTING and WORRYING about something THAT TURNED OUT TO NOT EVEN BE TRUE.

And here is the real kicker….I will never get that time and energy back.  It’s gone, it’s spent, it’s all used up. 

Had I done my taxes on time and not waited I would have still gotten the refund but in reality I would have gotten a whole lot more.  I would have gotten peace of mind and I would have enjoyed the feeling of pride.  And most importantly, I would not have had the opportunity to flog myself over and over and over and over again for NOT DOING THE TAXES.

Do you get it?  There was a huge cost to not doing what needed to be done…even when I didn’t have to physically write a check.

So, what are you not doing that needs to be done?  What is hanging over your head like a greasy paper bag full of rotting groceries that’s about to burst open and slim you?  What are you not doing but you are thinking about it ALL THE TIME?

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