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What, Lassie? Has Someone Fallen In the Well?

cheri well

“Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free.” 
 Shannon L. Alder


If you fell into a well what would you do? 

Would you make a list of all the things that need to get done to get out of the well? 

“Let’s see, I need to yell and find someone to help. Then I need to tell them to get a ladder or a rope.  But wait, they need to call my family and tell them where I am.  My family will never think to look in the well.  But why did I fall in here?  Is this a message from God? Is this like a metaphor for what I’m doing in my life?  About how I keep falling into holes and getting off task.  Gosh this is going to make a great blog post.  I wonder what the title should be? “

NO . . . you wouldn’t do this.  You would yell for help.  End of story!  You would do the next right thing . . . Which is to get out of the fickin’ frackin’ well!

We get stuck all the time.  We get stuck when we don’t know how to get more clients.  We get stuck when we can’t get our butts to the gym.  We get stuck when we can’t figure out how to parent our kids when they are driving us crazy.  Then when we’re stuck we often sit and THINK ABOUT HOW TO GET UNSTUCK!

How do I know this?  Because I do this . . . If I’m not paying attention I will make plan to make plan to get unstuck. 

Taking Action

What actually needs to happen when you are stuck is to take ACTION.  It doesn’t matter what that action is but action is what you must do to get unstuck.

Imagine a car stuck in the mud. You have to move it back and forth to get traction or you have to have something pull it out.  The only way it gets unstuck is to move! 

Same with us.  We take action  . . . And then comes momentum . . . And then comes results. 

Don’t freak out, it doesn’t have to be huge.  Here are some examples:

  • Stuck with what to do about a health crisis?  Make one call to a practitioner to inquire about their services.
  • Stuck about how to get more clients?  Pick one person who is a past client and write them a letter to tell them what is new for your business.
  • Stuck about getting the gym?  Call a friend and ask them to go with you.
  • Stuck about how to get your messy house clean?  Organize one drawer and then stare at it with admiration.

Movement is the only way to get unstuck.  Then of course all the other plans need to be made about how to build and sustain momentum.  Start by “yelling for help” and getting out of that deep dark hole.  

Here’s a resource I have written to help you take a little bit of action every day.  And in 30 days you are working your “but” off and feeling good.  Click here to get your workbook.  (Or download it on Kindle!)

Cheri is a speaker, trainer, coach and has authored two books.  She helps people and organizations break out of old mindsets so they can lead happy, motivated and fired up lives.  She blogs to ignite you and help you get unstuck!

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