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They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I know the power of taking an entire day to focus, drill down, re-energize and make a plan.  Let’s spend a whole day together blowing up your negative mindsets and putting in systems so you can have the business and or the life you want. 

Whether we are focusing on your business or your life, you will leave with new mindsets and a trackable plan to have the results you want.

This Laser-Focus Boot Camp experience begins the minute you start filling out the detailed questionnaire.  I have you to take a 360° look at your life.  From this, we set intentions for our time together.

Then we come together in Asheville NC, with flip charts and markers and our computers (and sometimes a box of tissues) and start to work.    You leave with a Plan, an honest-to-goodness plan for making things change.   Then we have two follow-up phone calls, approximately 15 and 30 days after our Boot Camp Day. 

Laser Focus Boot Camp clients have reported that spending a day with me saves them month and maybe even years of toiling about wondering which direction to go and what actions to take. 

Some Laser-Focus Boot Campers have left with . . .

  • Clarity about what is most important 
  • A list of desired outcomes
  • Measurable goals with short-term and long-term benchmarks
  • A deeper understanding of why having these outcomes are significant
  • New beliefs and mindsets to practice and integrate into their thinking
  • Marketing musts like: Business name, products development ideas, tag-lines, defined niche and more.
  • A Do-Not-Do List . . . in other words, clarity on what wastes their time, money and physical energy.
  • Strategies for accountability
  • And Much More!

Your Financial Investment :

  • $1895.00

 (Use Paypals “Bill Me Later” and have 6 months to pay with 0% financing cost)


Email me today and let’s start Kickin’ Rut!