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L.O.V.E and the Power of Words

On December 22nd I opened my email in-box and found a message from my dear friend and talented motivational speaker Kelly Swanson, It was entitled “a love note from Kelly”.

When I opened it, my computer screen filled with text and my heart missed a beat.  “What was this?” I thought.   

I began to read and out popped unexpected phrases such as “gifted is just a start, friggin’ brilliant is more like it” and “you pour out your heart” and “’s time to stop questioning.  Stop the wondering.  It’s time to OWN IT.”

And then there was the “And I see it in you so loud and bright and bold and beautiful – that sometimes its overwhelming.”

I was blown away…floored, speechless!  Imagine … reading powerful, kind words from someone you love and respect.  Words that hold you up in all of your magnificent possibility.  I was in tears by the third paragraph.

So What Are You To Do with My Love Note?

Words are powerful and time is a precious commodity.  When you combine the two you create something wonderful.  You create an opportunity to change someone forever.   

I propose that each of us make time to describe our love and appreciation for someone special this Valentine’s day.  

Here is our assignment, should we choose to accept it.  Think of someone you love dearly and then tell them so.  Valentines Day is a day about love, not just a day for lovers.  So, pick someone (or someones) you love and then go and tell them.  Write them, email them, sing them a song, show up on their door step … just tell them that you love them.

And go beyond saying “I love you”.  Tell them why you love them.  Give them specific examples of what you see in them and how they make you feel.  Don’t scrimp on the praise but also be sincere.  Pour it on as long as it is from the heart.

I printed out my love letter from Kelly.  I look at it everyday.  Why?  Because I believe her.  I believe that she sees magnificence in me.  And because I can “hear” her, I learn to love myself more as a result.

And to Kelly…I love your wit, your uncompromising optimism, your relentless pursuit of honing your craft, your ability to see funny everywhere and for your willingness to share yourself with others so freely.

PS:  I would love for you to share with me in the comment section below what you said about the loves in your life.  Thanks


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