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How’s Your Plumbing?

“How’s your plumbing?” , she asked as we passed in the hallway at church.  “Just fine.”  I answered. “And my household plumbing is doing okay too!”

I’ve been having “issues” at my house.  Clogged sinks, overflowing water heaters, leaky pipes.  It seems that everything that is suppose to make things “flow smoothly” is malfunctioning.

Yesterday, as I was brushing my teeth and spitting out the toothpaste, I took a good look at my sink.

Let me give you a visual (I would have attached a real photo…but I want to keep you as a friend!).  It is a white pedestal sink that has a saucer size hole in it where a can of hairspray fell and cracked it wide open.  The hole has clear duct tape on it allowing me to see everything.  After all, duct tape is our friend. 

It also has perpetual clogging issue.  So much so, that I keep a long metal shish kabob skewer handy to periodically push the gunk through.  Having been in a clogged cycle for a while, my sink has a lovely build up of toothpaste, hair and makeup because it takes it so long to drain.

As I looked into this sink I had to remark out loud. “What a lovely little life I’ve carved out for myself.” 

In that moment I saw my life so clearly.  I WAS CLOGGED.  I WAS NOT FLOWING FREELY. 

But more importantly, instead of doing what REALLY needs to be done.(i.e. call a plumber, buy a new sink and fix the whole darn mess).  I’ve opted for the quick fixes.(i.e. duct tape and drano.) 

Instead of making time, energy, and money available to fix this thing that I use EVERYDAY, I have just thrown a band-aid at it here and there. 

This was not a conscious decision, of course.  I just didn’t take the time to consider how to go to the ROOT of the problem.

How is this sink like my life?  Well, for some time I’ve been running a little sluggish.  Life has dropped things on me, leaving a lot of cracks and even a few holes.  So, I have dutifully put on duct tape and kept on moving. 

On top of that, I’ve been clogged.  Stifled and slowed down by all the things that need to be done in my life.  What have I done with this?  Poured in my versions of Drano…I’ve opted for seminars that promised to PUMP ME UP and give me that NEW ENERGY I needed and wanted.

It worked most of the time.  I would return from a seminar and would be moving pretty good for a bit and then slowly the gunk on the sides of my life would begin to build back up again and then things would stop moving entirely.

You see, these seminars and shots in the arm are terrific.  BUT, if  the problem is with your pipes no seminar, or guru, or motivational speaker can be the REAL fix.  You have to take some necessary time and energy to fix the root problem.

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