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Fusion Power Coaching


Super-Heroes have long bonded together because they found combining their super-human power made them practically invincible!

There is the Justice League with Superman, Batman,Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and more.  Then there is the Avengers with Ironman, Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and the Black Widow to name a few. 

In these alliances, each Super-Hero has amazing and extraordinary gifts on his or her own.  But bring them all together… you have FUSION POWER!

 fusion-powerTo begin, fusion is what you get when you bring together individual influences or parts and combine them with other individual influences or parts.  You get an extraordinary, dynamite whole.  Today’s savvy business leaders and out-in-front organizations know this, therefore they work to create FUSION POWER! within their teams.   

A SIDE NOTE:  What constitutes a team? Answer: any group larger than one person.  Yes, a team can be only two people.   Are you a part of a dynamic duo that needs FUSION POWER!?
  • Capitalize on the unique gifts of each individual. 
  • Know each individual’s strengths as well as their vulnerabilities (think Kryptonite).
  • Knows what the current status is of their organization and how it compares to where they want to be.  (the ole’ Gap Analysis)
  • All the members are on the same page, fighting for the same cause and outcomes.
  • They do not see one another as the villain, yet everyone is committed to the success of each individual as well as the success of the whole.
  • Have fun while producing the results for the organization and for each person simultaneously.





 She brings her 3-pronged approach to coaching to your business or organization (Positive Mindset + Accurate Information + Effective Systems = Success .  She will do an assessment to look at all three of these areas which will help her design a coaching/training program just for you. 

For your team Cheri might:

  • Work to make sure everyone’s’ attitude about your company is positive.  But not an empty rah-rah kind of positive.  A real, gut-feeling positive feeling based on reality. 
  • We might take a look at your current systems and determine if they need to change.  If so, Cheri might help you makes those changes so everyone can work together more effectively.
  • Help you define what your mission and vision are for the short term and/or the long term.  If everyone in the organization cannot articulate this, you don’t have much of a chance at success.
  • Help each individual have a better understanding of their communication style and personality type.  Then she might help you deepen your understanding of how to work better with people who are different than yourself,
  • Determine how to you can bring more, fun, energy and momentum into the life of your team.

And much more!

So do you want a Super-Hero Team where everyone is doing their best work and making the whole mega-successful? 



 Email Cheri and get started creating Fusion Power!