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Oops, there she goes ~ those dreaded emotional potholes.

I was recently working with one of my coaching clients who was in despair.   She had fallen into one of her emotional pot-holes.  You know, that crevasse that appears suddenly right before you, seemingly out of nowhere.   

There she was, casually walking along in her life and then she suddenly finds herself in the bottom a dark and dank and familiar place. 

In her case, this was a money pothole.  She had received an unexpected bill and did not see where the money was going to come from.  That was all it took, and she was tumbling down the abyss.

Potholes can be about anything; family, health, business, love, etc.  Most of us have these chasms that we fall into when we are triggered by something outside of ourselves. 

So in my client’s case, she was feeling broke and weak and that she would never have enough money to feel safe and secure. 

There is was…the real issue.  This unwelcome bill made her feel unsafe.  Not money per se, but the feeling that the lack of money brought her.

As we dug down to the root of her discomfort, we were able to create a plan where she could feel safer RIGHT NOW.  She needed to feel better NOW so that she could return to her work and get back to the task of making money.    

So these damn potholes.  What are we to do about them?

Watch for my next blog post and I will share with you 5 tips for getting out of the DPH (damn pothole) or avoiding them all together.    

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