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CB_BoomThinkingBOOM Thinking:  How to Break Out of Old Mindsets

bookBook-3d_no-background_eIn this mind-blowing program, Cheri teaches her 4-step BOOM Thinking™ process that helps her audience members obliterate the beliefs and behaviors that sabotage their success (and the success of your organization).  This program is based on her book “BOOM Thinking: The Gutsy Guide to Breaking Out of Old Mindsets”.



Trigger a CHANGE Reaction!

In this program, Cheri helps her audience members to not only embrace changes but actually to cause them . . . moving their life and work in the direction they choose.

Resisting change is like trying to hold back the incoming tide with your hands.  It can’t be done and you are left tired, frustrated and maybe even drowning!

Smart people and smart companies understand that change is the only constant and that taking a proactive position to direct the change is where true success lies. 

She walks them through seven no-fail strategies for making change happen and getting the results that they want.





Activate Your Super Powers!

We all have superpowers . . . the trick is unleashing them in ourselves and our people and using them power for good! 

Building on the latest research about human performance, Cheri helps her audience identify and connect to their own Super Powers.  By using her humor and her down-to-earth approach she has her audience members ready to put on their cape and leap tall building with a single bound.






From Burned-Out to Fired-Up!

In this program, Cheri helps participants rediscover their passion, power, and purpose. In addition, they learn how to encourage the same in their employees, so everyone is happier, more balanced and more productive

Burn-out is one of the leading causes of low profits, interoffice troubles and poor performance.  When people are spent they spend less time doing quality work and more time in worry, frustration, and creating and resisting change. 






No More Excuses . . . It’s Time Work Your “But” Off

 In the power-packed program, Cheri explores the 5 most common “buts” and, more importantly, some fool-proof systems to get around them.  She helps you lose your “buts and gain your momentum!

“I would do this but . . .”  “We could do that  . . . but.”  Our “buts” are the primary reason we are not achieving the results we want.  This costs us dearly. 

Whether we want higher profits, new and better customers or to lose 30 pounds, it’s our “buts” that keep it from happening.