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De-clutter Your Way to Motivation

Do you feel overwhelmed?

When you look over the landscape of your office, do you feel lost in mountains of clutter and oceans of paperwork?

Any expert will tell you this clutter is a barrier to real productivity. But at times it can be really hard to dig out from under everything. 

Office Worker with Mountain of PaperworkI am here to help.

Part of the process of embracing yourself as a Super Hero is about recognizing your own limitations and weaknesses. If organization is your kryptonite, here are some simple tips to start de-cluttering your workspace and become more efficient, effective, and motivated.

  • Start over. Chances are you have tried to get your office space under control before but it didn’t quite work. Rather than trying to de-clutter one pile at a time start with a clean slate. Remove everything from your office space and add in only the essentials. This will force you to evaluate all of your paperwork and determine what is really necessary.  This may seem drastic but it VERY effective!
  • Daily reboot. Many of us try to churn out as much work as possible up to the last seconds before we have to hit the road for our commute home. Change your mindset about this and you will never find yourself swimming upstream through your office clutter again. So . . .every night, before you lock up the office, reset everything back to factory settings. Put away anything you used for the day even if you think you might need it again in the morning.
  • Fingertip management. This is a professional technique to keep only your most essential items within reach. Everything else is put away and accessible only when necessary. For example, only keep one pen and one pencil, your mouse and keyboard, and your planner and calendar on your desk. Everything else is placed in storage areas such as drawers or filing cabinets.
  • Go paperless. We have the technology available to us yet so many people still rely on paper-in-hand techniques of getting work done. Try eliminating all the hard copies from your workspace. Store essential documents electronically and you will have easy access to them right form your computer whenever they are needed. Don’t keep business cards or a Rolodex any more. Every time to get someone’s contact information enter it into your email address book and toss the card.

The cleaner and more organized your workspace is when you sit down the more relaxed you will feel every day. You won’t have that sense of panic when you’re unable to find something important because it will always be where it belongs.

Management by example is a great way to promote organization and your company mission to your staff. If you’re organized and stress-free, your team will follow suit.

For more tips to becoming more focused in your office, contact me! I offer motivational speaking and management coaching that can help you become a superhero in your business today!   

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