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“Cold Shower Therapy” or Doing Something that Makes You Uncomfortable to Get You Moving.

Joel Runyon, a motivational blogger and the owner of The Blog of Impossible Things, challenged his readers to try Cold Shower Therapy in a post written last spring.

He suggested that any time you feel stuck and unable to make progress with a project you can change your mindset by doing something uncomfortable to prove that what you thought was impossible is merely just uncomfortable. His suggestion is to take a cold shower. The idea is to change your own comfort level to allow yourself to think about the world a little differently.

“The first day you try cold shower therapy, it will suck, you’ll stare at the shower-head for 10 minutes, start crying just thinking about the idea, your heart will begin to beat fast, you might break out into a cold sweat, and if you’re brave, you’ll turn it to cold for a whole 5 seconds before letting out a shriek, and quickly backing out of the challenge and turning the shower back to hot.”

Fear is okay. It is not wrong to feel uncomfortable in unknown situations. As Runyon says, cold shower therapy can make you feel invincible. When you stare down that freezing waterfall and step into it willingly you may finally believe you can do anything. But something that you consider hard doesn’t have to be impossible. If you can take a 60 second or a 5 minute cold shower you can face your biggest fears in the office or anywhere throughout your life. You can face the impossible.

Many times when we feel unmotivated in our own lives it is because we are afraid of trying something. We are afraid of failing. We are afraid of how other people will look at us. We are afraid of how we might change.

It may seem like your task is impossible, but it never is. Runyon suggests the following on his site:

  1. Choose one project. One goal. One impossible thing.
  2. Find a date to start. Take your first cold shower. (The times you wuss out and back out don’t count). – start counting the first time you get to 5 minutes).
  3. Start counting the showers, once you get to 5 minutes.
  4. Take one 5 minute cold shower, every morning for 30 days.
  5. Throw a 10 minute shower in there just for fun.
  6. Finish your project. Do something impossible. Change your life.

What can you do to motivate yourself today? How can you do something impossible?

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