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Cheri Speaks


Did you know:  

  • A recent Towers Watson survey indicated that nearly two–thirds of U.S. employees are not fully engaged in their work and are less productive as a result.
  • According to Gallup, the lost productivity of disengaged employees costs the US economy $370 BILLION annually.
  • According to ACCOR, 75% of leaders have no engagement plan or strategy even though 90% say engagement impacts their business success. 



Do they . . . 

  • Have low energy
  • Resist change 
  • Waste time
  • Complain about everything
  • Sabotage success 
  • Can’t see solutions
  • Engage in negative inter-office talk
  • Want to keep the statusquo
  • Don’t care about your businesses success



So they can . . .

  • Outwit the most complicated problems
  • Transform their fear into fuel for change
  • Be highly effective, doing their tasks faster than a speeding bullet
  • Keep their momentum high
  • Create a joyful and productive workplace
  • Provide stellar customer service
  • Increase credibility and profit
  • Embrace new ideas with an open mind
  • Become solution-oriented
  • Create a thriving organization with high morale, high engagement and high profits!