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Work Your But Off

What would it be like to have a smaller “but” only 30 days? 


I know you have one.  We all do.  Those “buts” that drag us down.

“I would do this . . . BUT.”   “I would do that  . . .BUT.”  Aren’t you sick of it?  Wouldn’t you like to quit whining and making excuses and do the things you want to get done?  I can help you.  Really I can.

 So what’s wrong with having a big “but”?

For starters, your “buts” keep you from LIVING THE LIFE YOU WANT!

You may not be enjoying a relationship that makes your heart soar.  Or you’re not enjoying a career which allows to you do what you love and pays you a fabulous wage.  You may be not living in a house that supports you or writing a book or enjoying a hobby or starting a family or enjoying the peace that comes with being organized. 

BUT, Ding-Dangit . . .You want those things!!!!!

Having a big ”BUT” means you are depriving yourself of the LIFE FORCE that makes all this worth living. 

Now that’s a big deal.  And I want to help you shrink your “buts” so you can everything you want. 


I know you are excited to get started.  However, it may take a day or two for the emails to start.  No worries, your first email will arrive in your in-box within 48 hours.


Here’s what I’ve done for you.

I’ve taken some of the most helpful tips and tools I use with my clients and that coaches have used with me and put them all together in the 30 day product. 

Now you have a choice . . . either receive an email everyday for 30 days or purchase the workbook and get them all at one time.  

Either way,each day I will give you one key idea and one task that will have you chiseling down your excuses and getting things done. 

Truly, you will have a smaller “but” in 30 days or I will give you your money back (imagine TV guy voice saying that lasts sentence.) I will refund your money if you don’t feel that your buts are smaller. Pinky Swear!


That’s how much I know these 30 emails will help you get unstuck.

Here are just a few of the topics that I will cover with you.

I will help you:

  • Discover what you really want in your life.
  • Understand the reasons why you want it and use those reasons to keep you focused.
  • Find support in your community.
  • Have fun along the way.
  • Use your calendar and other organizational tools to keep you on track.
  • Change your negative “buts” into more positive thoughts.

So what is all this gonna cost? 

What if I said that I’ve given it an introductory cost of only $30!  That’s only $1 a day. 

“Wow Cheri, why so cheap?”

I want the world to be filled with happy people with smaller “buts”, I guess. 

In all seriousness, I want the price to be a no-brainer for you and one that will allow you to say “Yes” to yourself and get crack-a-lackin!  So, I’m making the price small.  Like I said earlier, the value is WAY HIGH on this little ditty.  It may be one of the most powerful tools you will buy.  No kiddin’!  But if you don’t start using it, it can’t help you. 

I also know if I made it free you wouldn’t do it.  So $30 it is.  Only a buck a day.  (I might raise the price later; in fact those who’ve seen this product wanted me to charge a whole lot more.  But I’m not gonna, not now, and not to you my little “But” buster.)


So here is what you have to do.

Click on the Buy Now button and wait for the emails to start coming in.  Set aside a little time every day for the next 30 days and watch your life start to change.  Do this program for the next month and soon . . . voila . . . your buts will shrink.  I promise. 

To order the Email Version click the Buy Now below!  To order the workbook, scroll to the bottom of the page.  


Again, I know you are excited to get started.  However, it may take a day or two for the emails to start.  No worries, your first email will arrive in your in-box within 48 hours.

Work But Off 3d

Now available as a workbook for only 39.95 plus S&H.