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Cheers! Here’s to Working Your But Off!

Work But Off 3d


 Stand up right now and do the happy dance!  You are on your way to a Smaller “But!”  

There is nothing else to do today.  Just sit back and wait for your first email to show up in your inbox tomorrow morning! (or it could be the day after tomorrow . . . autoresponders are funny that way.)

Congratulations Mighty “But” Kicker!




Oh . . .BTW,  One of the emails you will receive in the Work Your “But” Off will talk about the power of having an accountability buddy (or buddies.)  What about taking a moment right now to think about who might be a good person to do this program with you?

 Ask yourself . . . 

  • Who do I know who has a big “but”?
  • Which of my friends is always saying he or she would do something “But this” or “But that?”
  • Who would call me on my stuff and help me stay on target?

Trust whoever comes into your mind.  

Now, trust your vibes, give them a call and have them sign up right now.  Then you will be in sync starting tomorrow morning.