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Change Your Mindset and Watch Your Profits SOAR!

I debuted a new talk to the NC/SC Association of General Contractors Heavy Highway Division Conference (what a mouth full!)  And what a terrific bunch of folks.  Here’s what I shared with them.

There’s a lot of negative thinkin’ going on in our culture.  Wouldn’t you agree?  “The economy is bad, times are tough, jobs are few,” blah blah blah.  
These kinds of thoughts are all around is.  

Some would say we are experiencing a negative reality now because we thought we would.  In other words, our reality is a result of the thoughts we had in our past.  

If that is true, then we must cultivate a mindsets that supports where we want to be, not where we are!

“But Cheri, how can I feel like everything is hunky dory when things really are tough?”

Great question!  And I have a few simple tips to help you shift your thinking. (Remember, we simply want to move the scale a bit more toward happy and further away from crappy.)

Here are 5 tips to shift your thinking toward a brighter future.    

  • Know and work from your strengths.  Learn to identify where you are BRILLIANT and do everything you can to use those skills in everything you do. Lots of data on this one.  Check out Marcus Buckingham’s book.   
  • Find the sense of meaning in everything you do.  For example, a company is not there just to make profit . . .but to employ people, support families, make a quality product, develop it’s people, contribute to it’s community, etc.
  • Have appreciation for and praise others.  We all produce better from a place of feeling good.  And nothing makes us feel as good as an authentic “Atta Girl” or “Atta Boy”.  Be as specific and as honest as possible. 
  • Work toward more discipline in one small area of your life. When you feel your success in one area of your life like saying no to sugar or keeping a cleaner desk or making important deadlines, this positive feeling (and habits) bleed over to other area of your life.  And you feel better!
  • Lastly, push yourself just outside your comfort zone in some way. By doing this you are continuing to work the “I can do it” muscle.  Setting a goal right outside of what you think you can easily do AND then doing it make you one happy camper!

If you or your company or organization is interested in having me bring this talk to you, just let me know!

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