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Change Something…Or Nothing Will Change

In October I went to Kendall Summerhawk’s Money, Marketing and the Soul Intensive in Tucson, Arizona.  This 4-day workshop was about marketing your business, understanding more about your unique money mindset and making a plan for building a more profitable business. 

In one segment, Kendall took us through a series of exercises created to help us look at our beliefs about money, our beliefs about our potential to earn money and our feelings about money.  She wanted us to set a new, higher monetary goal for ourselves.  It was during these exercises where I had my most profound insights. 
Here’s what I got…

Number 1.  I have been unwilling to acknowledge, to myself and others, that I am already a financially successful entrepreneur.  I have been “rounding down” my numbers, using net amounts, etc. to keep my figures low.  I am more comfortable being a “struggling” businesswoman then a “successful” businesswoman. ARGGGGG!

Number 2.  I have maintained this level of earning for the past 5 – 7 years despite WANTING TO GROW MY BUSINESS. 
“So what?” you may be thinking.  “But you just said it was decent earnings!  What’s the big deal?”  

True, I’ve been doing okay.  However, what I realized was that my business had not grown significantly therefore I was NOT SERVING THE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE THAT I WANTED TO SERVE NOR WAS I HAVING THE POSITIVE IMPACT THAT I WANTED TO HAVE.  Big Aha here! (and a little sadness/excitement when I realized that I still had some major BOOM Thinking to do.)

Since my main goal is to be highly skilled, sought after, national speaker, I almost always set my yearly goals in terms of how many speaking gigs that I want in a given year.  This has always been my biggest measure of my success.

But year after year I have NOT BEEN MEETING MY SPEAKING GOAL.  Each year I have done okay financially with the other services I provide, I have helped a lot of people, I have created new things that are pretty good but I have not met the most significant goal for me… higher numbers of speaking gigs.  OUCH!  

Realizing this fact is when I received insight number 3.

Number 3:  If I REALLY want something to change (meaning I want to speak my desired number of times each year to enthusiastic audiences and consequently impacting lots and lots of people) THEN SOMETHING MUST CHANGE. 

In other words, if I don’t make a commitment to change something in how I do business, 2010 will be just like 2009.  Not so bad but not what I want it to be. 

Over the next few months, I imagine I will be writing about the changes I am making.  I’m guessing that some of these changes will be exciting and some may even be painful.  But I want to change.  I want 2010 to be different in some significant ways. 

So, how about you?  What do you want to be different?  Begin now doing an assessment of 2009.  Make a list of what you like and then make a list of what you want to change.  This is a great start.


To be continued…

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