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What Will It Take to Satisfy You?

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 Are you a perfectionist?  Do you think you must do things 100% perfect all of the time or you shouldn’t even try?  Or . . . are you a person who cuts corners, sweeps the dust under the rug and hopes nobody knows?  Either one of these extremes can cause us to have big buts. 

We either are afraid of doing things imperfectly (so we don’t start or don’t finish them) or we slack off and never seem to get things done because we let ourselves off the hook.

No matter which way you are bent, I offer you one of my favorite terms:  

Condition of Satisfaction

I began coaching with Jennifer Loudon in the year 2000 and she turned me on to this phrase.  Basically, a Condition of Satisfaction is what you need to happen so you will be satisfied.  Pretty simple, huh? 

However, asking yourself to define AHEAD OF TIME what your condition of satisfaction will be can often shine a light on places where you are holding unreasonable expectations or no expectations at all.

Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say you decide you’re going to start a new exercise regime.  You decide you should go to the gym everyday and work out for one hour.  Pretty clear, right?  But let’s face it . . . life happens and pretty soon you miss a day. 

If you are a perfectionist you may decide to postpone this new commitment until your “schedule gets more freed up.”  If you are one who slacks off a bit you may decide a day here and there is better than nothing, so you let yourself off the hook for this new goal. 

By setting a Condition of Satisfaction AHEAD OF TIME and making a realistic but firm commitment, you are more likely to get your “butt” there. 

You could decide your goal is to get to the gym everyday but your Condition of Satisfaction is that you do this at least five days a week.  You’ve lowered the bar a bit but you’ve determined that five days is what you will accept in order to not beat yourself up.  You allow for imperfection to be your new perfect.

Or, put another way, you decide you need to be at the gym five days a week and anything less is not making your health a priority.  In this case, you’ve set a Condition of Satisfaction that requires you to step up and not drop the ball.

So, turning over a new leaf or starting a new project?  What is your Condition of Satisfaction for this new thing you want to do?  Do you want to work on it every day?  An hour a week?  Get one index card completed every weekend?  How do you want to play this?  

What are some reasonable goals that stretch you toward getting this important thing done but also allows for you to be imperfect.  

Cheri is a speaker, trainer, coach and has authored two books.  She helps people and organizations break out of old mindsets so they can lead happy, motivated and fired up lives.  She blogs to ignite you and help you get unstuck!

5 Fool-Proof Ways to Stay Right Where You Are!

Crouched in a Box

                                                                                                                                                “Most of the time I don’t have much fun. The rest of the time I don’t have any fun at all.”
Woody Allen 

Creating the life and business you want can be scary.  And despite what some folks will tell you . . . it can be hard.  Why do you think so many people stay right where they are, not venturing out to make things change?  It’s easier and pretty darn comfy.  That’s why I call this the Velvet Rut, (you know, that very comfortable place where we stay snuggled down in NOT doing what you needs to be done.)

So if you are one of those people who want to stay right where you are, the list below will help you do just that. 

1.  Keep your desires and your dreams a secret.  Don’t share your dreams with anyone.  In fact, try to even keep them hidden from yourself.  Because there is evidence that people who talk about what they want and share with others actually DO CHANGE.  So mum’s the word!

2.  Wait until you have everything in order before you spend time on your future.  One of the best ways to stay stuck is to put 100% of your attention on what is going on right now.  Whatever you do, do not take time to dream or plan or pursue your passions.  There is work that needs to be done right now.  No dessert until you’ve eaten all of your veggies! Read More→

How to Recognize if You are Stuck So you Can Get Moving!

Road with Sunset


Complaining is not a strategy

On a scale of 1 – 10, how happy are you?  Are you moving?  Is your life what you want it to be or are you stuck, not getting the results you truly want.  Below is a list of signs and symptoms of stuckness – see if you recognize yourself or your team.

  1. Your life feels flat or dull and nothing really excites you.
  2. Your spaces (such as your office, home or specific rooms in your house) feel oppressive or uninviting.
  3. Your language is negative and you use words like “can’t”, “stuck”, “I should” “never” or “always”, etc.
  4. There are items on your to-do list that have been there for a very long time.
  5. You have general aches and pains that can’t be tracked back to anything specific.
  6. You spend a lot of time with your shadow comforts (i.e. TV, food, computer games, gossip, napping, shopping, etc) and you feel ashamed.
  7. You have trouble sleeping or you sleep too much. Read More→

Be Thankful for Your Staff

In just a little over a week, people all over the US will be stuffing themselves with turkey and dresing, football, pumpkin pie and sleeping in their tennis shoes so they are ready for Black Friday shopping.  Sheesh!!!!! what has happened to Thanksgiving!  Though much of the lore surrounding the holiday is just the stuff of legend and it wasn’t declared a national holiday until 1942 and it seems now to be the prelude to Christmas . . .Thanksgiving is an American institution.

photo credit: plushoff via photopin cc

photo credit: plushoff via photopin cc

Before we take this day off and spend time with our families around the table, we should think a little about our employees and how they make our companies successful.  While we should be thankful for them all year round, Thanksgiving is a good time to share how much we appreciate the role they play in the success of the company.  

So, how can you show your appreciation for your staff this Thanksgiving? Here are a few simple ideas that won’t break the bank.

  • The tried and true potluck party. Everyone loves to take a break from the everyday and spend time socializing and celebrating. The office potluck has been a tradition for generations. Encourage your staff to bring in a simple dish to share with the rest of the team and spend an afternoon out of the cubicles and enjoying one another’s company.  Never underestimate the power of FOOD!
  • A Thanksgiving recipe swap. If hosting a potluck isn’t something you want to try, here is another idea to encourage the team to share with one another. Ask everyone to bring in one family Thanksgiving recipe. Post them on a bulletin board or make up small office recipe books to give out to the staff.  Believe it or not, people dig this kind of thing.  
  • Give a small gift of appreciation. Here is the twist; don’t just offer a gift card or the same present for everyone in the office. Spend time throughout the year to get to know your staff and get them something small that you know they would like based on their interests. While many offices exchange gifts around Christmas, this can be a good opportunity to surprise your staff and show them that you do really appreciate their work.  Picking out something special for each person may take extra time . . . but it’s worth it!
  • Mail thank you cards to their homes. It is really nice to receive a thank you note form your boss when you’re not expecting it. Take some time to write out a card and share your sincere thanks for the work they do and how they make the company successful. Mail it so it arrives the week of Thanksgiving if possible.

Being thankful for great employees and good work should happen all year round, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to demonstrate it during this season where everyone is super aware of thankfulness.

Do you want to know more way to show your appreciation to your employees? I can help with creative ideas and business coaching that can take your business to the next level. Contact me today!  

Reverse Trick or Treating: Make Halloween Both Fun and Charitable

photo credit: vmiramontes via photopin cc

photo credit: vmiramontes via photopin cc

A while back I learned about this great concept: reverse trick or treating. It is perfect for a company event.

Here is the jist.

Rather than getting this Halloween, try giving back.

It is that easy.

Every local food bank and struggling for food to feed families during the winter months. Making a real difference like this can really boost your sense of self-worth and your daily motivation. Here is an easy way to make reverse trick or treating work for you and your business.

  1. Talk to your employees and your clients. Spread the word about what you want to do. Let them know that for Halloween you want to collect and deliver food to your local food bank. If you want to establish a goal to reach, go ahead. Send emails to everyone describing your Halloween plan.
  2. Pick up food. On the days leading up to Halloween pick up food from your local clients and your employees. Have collection bins in your break room. If you have local clients this is a great way to talk to them face to face. For added flair, dress up in a costume while you gather the donations.
  3. Deliver food. On Halloween, ask your employees to volunteer and dress up for the day to deliver the food. Your Halloween cheer will brighten the day of the volunteers who work there and they will be so excited to accept the donations.
  4. Offer incentives. After the food is delivered, allow your team to take the afternoon off so they can get home and prepare for trick or treating with their families.

Halloween is a great event that can make everyone feel like a kid again. Go one step further and give your employees and clients a reason to celebrate their accomplishments. Doing good in your community will go a long way to building a great reputation for your company and encourage your employees to be happy in their jobs and loyal to your company.

Do you want to know more fun ways to motivate and engage your employees? I provide one on one management consultations and events for your organization to help everyone get fired up. Contact me today!

Happy Halloween

Unplug Every 90 Minutes: Encourage Your Team to Disconnect

I recently read this fantastic article from Fast Company which gave me a lot of food for thought about office motivation.

unplugedIt is really not in our human nature to sit in one place for 8 or 9 hours at a time. So why do we insist on organizing our workplaces in this way?

The science behind the way our brains work requires us to rest regularly.

We can work for 90 to 120 minutes at a time before our brains need a period of rest, approximately 20 minutes, before we can continue or move on.

To really work with your employees’ nature, consider building 90 minute work cycles with 20 minutes of rest in every work day. Create mandatory 20 minute breaks after every hour and a half of work. Suggest a walk outside or taking that time to read a book. Encourage them to get away from the computers.

This concept considers your time away from your work as vital a part of your day as the work itself. Writer Tom Gibson points this out in a great article found here.  

“We need to incorporate ‘off time’–the outward breath, the ebb–into our working patterns. Not with simple lip-service like ‘you need to sleep better,’ but as an integral, affirmed part of the process of working…

We need to understand that ‘on’ is impossible without ‘off,’ and that the distance between the two needs to be made closer: like the beats of a heart or the steps of a runner.”

It may be difficult to alter your current thinking on the way the workday should be structured, but to not think about it will leave to decreased productivity in your company.

We have a hard time today, in a world of smart phones and constant access, understanding the need to step away from it all. However, don’t you think it is best to give into human nature rather than to fight it?

If you want to know more about how to get your employees happy, motivated, and fired up contact me today to learn about speaking engagements and management coaching.

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