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BOOM Thinking Book


Cheri’s First Book . . .  the one her audiences begged her to write.


Change Isn’t For Sissies!

In BOOM Thinking: The Gutsy Guide to Breaking Out of Old Mindsets, Cheri Britton challenges you to venture out of your familiar rut and transform your life.  Step One is putting on the Brakes and realizing you’ve created limiting beliefs. Step Two is Observing how this happened and how this “velvet rut” might be serving you. Obliterate old ideas in a liberating Step Three, and Step Four is Making a positive new mindset about yourself, and your life. Chapter after transformational chapter, Cheri guides you through exercises to put you on track for your personal and professional happiness and success.

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Available also as a 2-CD Set, read by Cheri herself.  

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You are not what you think you are…what you think, you are.

This powerful saying is the basis of BOOM Thinking, the process that I developed to help people Break Out of Old Mindsets for themselves and their business.

The four steps in BOOM Thinking are: 1) put on the Brakes, 2) Observe what is happening, 3) Obliterate what no longer works, and 4) Make a new Mindset.  Our mindsets, when held for a long time, become indisputable.  And if this happens, our growth is stunted, personally and in business. 




First, put on the Brakes.  Stop and take an inventory of your beliefs about your business.  What do you think about money, your customers, your ability to serve your customers, your business skills?  Are these beliefs true?  Are they primarily negative or positive?  Do they make you feel good or bad, excited or resigned?  Do you get excited and think of all the things you could do?  Or do you questions yourself?  This crucial step gives you the “lay of the land” and helps you determine which mindsets have to go.

Observe IconSecond, observe what is happening. Take a look around, both inside and outside, to see how your beliefs affect you now.  Observe how you feel, observe your thoughts as you move through your day.  Let your body, your mind, and the people around you shine a light on your prominent thoughts. What do you do without thinking about why because it seems automatic? 


Obliterate IconThe final two steps are to obliterate what no longer works for you and then make a new mindset.  You have isolated a belief that is not really true and you want to change it.   For example you currently believe, “If I raise my prices I will loose business.”   or “I’m lousy at marketing and making cold calls.” 


Make A New Iconlarge Now it’s time to let these beliefs go and replace them with a new, more empowering beliefs.  For example, “My new prices are fair and competitive.  The customers that I want will happily pay my fee.”  or  “I can and will learn more about marketing my business and effectively making cold calls.”


Put on the Brakes, Observe what is happening, Obliterate what no longer works and then make a new Mindset.  Do this and you have BOOMed!

Do you want some BOOM Thinking?