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Top 10 Reasons to Hire Cheri



10. She will have your audience laughing.  And you know, when people are laughing they learn a whole lot more!  

 9.  People remember Cheri.  Long after everyone has gone home, people will still be talking about Cheri’s message.  In most every presentation, Cheri creates a take home phrase that helps to anchor her important points.  This guarantees that the message lives long past the event itself.  

8.  No tiara necessary (she brings her own!)  She does not need to be treated like a Diva.  She is there to help YOU make your event a BOOMing success…not to get her ego stroked!

7.  Cheri knows her stuff.  She does not like to show off…but she knows a thing or two.  Coming from years in public health, earning a Master’s Degree in Health Education, being a successful business owner for over 12 years, being a consummate student of the human condition, Cheri knows a bit about how people tick.  She LOVES to put her knowledge of human behavior and motivation to help your group be its very best.

 6.  Cheri will attend as much of your meeting or event as possible.  When she can, she will arrive early and stay late.  She wants to get a feel for your event and do her best to help tie things together.  Plus she can’t pass up a chicken lunch! 


5.  She has the best stories.  Cheri knows that story telling is the key to being a good speaker.  She knows that telling stories is how to get audiences to relate to her message.  So she has TONS of them…each with its own piece of humor and some even quite profound.  

4.  She can lift heavy things and is happy to help in any way she can.  Cheri is a strong and hearty woman who’s happy to schlep things…anything to help your meeting be a success.    

3.  Cheri is quick on her feet and can help you out in a pinch.  Have a speaker get sick and need another program on the fly?  Cheri’s your gal.  Your emcee got the flu and no one else is willing to help hand out the awards?  Never fear, Cheri is here.  When you hire Cheri she is there to do whatever you need her to do.  

 2.  Cheri is a terrific Executive coach.  While you have her there as your speaker… consider using her to do some coaching with your staff, board, executive team…maybe even the hotel staff or your kids!  She can help just about anybody take a look at his or her big but and make a plan for change.  

 1.  Cheri will make you look great!  She is a meeting planners dream come true.  People will be saying…”Where did you find this woman?  You totally rock.  We want to give you a big ole raise AND a gift basket!”  Cheri will make you look like a Super-Hero!