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How to Use Cheri


A successful meeting is not only a gathering where everything runs perfectly.  Well, that’s certainly important. But a truly successful meeting is one where the message and the energy go home with each participant, changing how they do their job, and makes them want more!

Cheri’s message of the importance of Employee Engagement is a crucial one for organizations who want to succeed.  She knows that lack of engagement has enormous costs. So, clearly she speaks about engagement . But perhaps equally as important . . . she does this in a way that engages her audience.  (It would be weird to have a speaker who spoke about engagement but bored people to tears, wouldn’t it.)

Below are some of the ways Cheri can be a part of your event.  


Cheri helps you set the stage for a FABULOUS MEETING!  As the opening keynote, Cheri ignites the room with her positive energy, memorable stories and her own brand of hilarity.  She knows how to set the tone to begin your event with an optimistic attitude, an open mind and a buoyant heart.  It’s a great way to start the day!  


Cheri can help your event end with a real bang!  With her passion for helping EVERYONE know their potential AND the belief that the real works happens once the conference is over, she helps people leave with a spring in their step AND a plan of action.  Having Cheri on the stage at the closing insures that your participants will be happy they came…and making plans to come again next year!

 And while you have her as your opening or closing keynote presenter, why not also use her for a…


Cheri has quite a list of interactive and high content breakout sessions that she can offer your participants.  From customer services, to dealing with burnout or tackling those nasty negative beliefs that haunt us all…Cheri has a program to help.  She brings her same enthusiasm and know-how to the smaller session.  Why not get the most of her while she is there?