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Beat the Summertime Blues in the Workplace

From Alaska to Florida and all points in between, everyone can agree that the summertime heat or the promise of outdoor adventures can impact motivation. Everyone wants to enjoy the sunshine and it is hard to keep employees focused on their jobs.

It may be difficult but it isn’t impossible.

Creative summertime motivation is important for keeping your team focused and engaged. Here are some fun and imaginative ideas to spice up and cool off in the summer weather.

Super chefIron Chef Competitions. You know there are members of your team who love to cook at home. Organize an Iron Chef competition. I’m sure you’ve seen the show where two celebrity chefs battle in the kitchen, creating several courses by using a mystery ingredient. Instead of a traditional kitchen, set up outdoor cooking stations with grills, burners, and coolers. Purchase some interesting ingredients and give your two contestants an hour to prepare small bites that will be shared by all of your employees. People can come and go to watch the action and everyone gets to experience the results. Reward the winner with a certificate they can display in their office.





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Team Sports. Remember field day in Elementary school? There was a long jump and the 20 meter dash and even Tug of War. These might not be the right activities to get your adult employees motivated but sports can be a fun team building activity and can get the blood pumping. Organize a Kick Ball or Dodge Ball game. Even an afternoon of Corn Hole or Ladder ball and some lemonade will make your employees happy to be outside and away from their desks for a little while.



TYDTWDay-DogBring Your Dog to Work Day.  Simply owning a pet can reduce stress, so imagine what spending the day with your dog can do. Establish a bring-your-dog-to-work day where your folks can bring their well-behaved dogs to the office. If there are concerns about dogs getting along, establish a rotating schedule. And don’t forget your cat-lovers. Some cats do just fine in on leashes and hanging out with their owners so allow this on a case by case basis.  



photo credit: jamz196 via photopin cc

Popsicle Fridays. If you want to literally cool off your employees on a Friday afternoon, start a Popsicle Friday tradition. In order to change it up a bit provide different flavored popsicles each week to tempt the taste buds and cool the tongues. If you’re office is open to happy hour, consider wine popsicle or even beer-flavored ice cream.  LOVE IT!



It is important to manage your team effectively and keep them on track this summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while doing it.

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