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An Office Scavenger Hunt: Teambuilding and the Art of Motivation

When some employees hear the term “teambuilding” their eyes roll and they panic over what type of role-playing exercise they might be forced to participate in. Despite it’s cheesy reputation, teambuilding does have its place in the American office.  The challenge is making it truly fun and engaging.  ff.

Consider hosting an office scavenger hunt.

photo credit: Chapendra via photopin cc

photo credit: Chapendra via photopin cc

A scavenger hunt allows each of your team members to work together but without feeling uncomfortable about having to perform or be judged. The results of the scavenger hunt are quite simple, whoever wins can take pride in their accomplishment.

There are a few ways to plan an event like this. You can do an off site event and work with a planner to develop the details. Or you can create something within the office inexpensively which will give your team a break from their day to day jobs and re-energize them.

Here are a couple of ideas for an office scavenger hunt.

Incorporate a scavenger hunt into the end of a new employee training session. Include things such as “where is the copy machine?” or “where do you put outgoing mail?” This is a fun way to reinforce the things that they’ve learned since they began training. This is particularly great when you hire a large number of people at one time.

Add some intrigue by creating a mystery to solve as part of the action. provides a lot of great ideas such as “Draw a picture of the CEO (or equivalent). Fax the picture to another fax machine in the building. You must retrieve this fax before another team intercepts it.” To make it even more challenging post the number of the receiving fax but don’t tell them which department it is in. They will have to figure it out for themselves.

You can challenge your employees to solve riddles to reveal each clue. This involves some critical thinking on the part of each team member and everyone can use their skills to be involved. This website has several ideas for riddle based hunts for your office.

With summer over and the kids back to school it is time to re-focus your office motivation and switch gears to head toward the end of the year. What better way to do that than organize some fun on a Friday afternoon to let your team work together in ways they aren’t used to.

For this and other ideas on team motivation, contact me today!

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