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About Cheri

Cheri’s Journey (Her Bio)  

IMG_3840Cheri Britton, M.Ed, is a speaker, author, coach and trainer who has been helping individuals and organizations effectively BOOM Think for over two decades.  BOOM (Break Out of Old Mindsets) Thinking emerged from the experiences, discoveries and epiphanies of Cheri’s professional journey and the not-inconsequential presence of her dog, Boomer.

The journey began when Cheri volunteered at a rape crisis center and discovered the importance of women regaining control of their lives. After graduating from college working as a public health HIV counselor she realized that those clients who thought they couldn’t change their lives were right and those who believed they could, did.  When she began training others to do counseling, it became clear to everyone that she was born to be out front of people helping them become what they had hoped to be.  As her career moved to business coaching she discovered that one thing she had in common with so many others is a negative inner critic that haunts them and wreaks havoc on their goals and dreams.  Growing up bombarded with messages of what she couldn’t do and instructions to aim low, her inner critic (which she later named Sasha) didn’t need much help to take a prominent place in her inner life.  Yet Cheri claimed her power, honed her skills, and decided she could out perform the limits others tried to impose. We, her readers, are the beneficiaries of her victories! Cheri’s skills and experiences combined with her high energy, sense of humor and willingness to share her personal story, no matter how embarrassing or vulnerable, move folks to step out of their “velvet rut”and begin to remake their lives.

In her speaking, writing and, coaching Cheri uses metaphors, anecdotes, and powerful exercises to challenge people to confront the limiting beliefs that trap them at places below their potential. She encourages people to step out of this often comfortable yet destructive place where they are simply surviving and create a new way of being that will have them thriving.  The results are literally transformational.

As a single mom raising two kids with special needs, Cheri maintains a realistic view of working professionals who juggle careers with family and outside interests. Along the way on her own juggled journey to BOOM Thinking and take a look at her own Big Buts, she earned her Masters degree at UNC-Charlotte and founded Whetstone Consultations, a consulting business that works specifically with health-care agencies.  Cheri lives in Asheville, North Carolina with her kids and dogs, Chance and Moxie. The “was-band” got Boomer.