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6 Month Coaching


Change is hard.  There . . . I’ve said it.  If doing the thing we most want to do or creating the results we want to create were easy, we’d have done it by now.  Am I right? 

Like I said earlier, I believe there are three areas that slow people down or stop us entirely.

  1. Pessimistic Mindsets
  2. Misinformation or no information at all
  3. Lack of systems.

So clearly the answer is to have a

  1. Positive Mindset
  2. Accurate Information
  3. Effective Systems

But for most of us, the most crucial element to our success is   . . . ACCOUNTABILITY!

That’s what the 6-Month Power-Pack Coaching Experience gives you.  Me, Cheri Britton, lovingly on your tail, rooting for you, cheering you on, challenging you to push harder. 

This is what it looks like . . .

  • We begin with a detailed assessment.  My clients say that the coaching really begins here before we even get together
  • Then we do a 4-hour Laser Focus Boot Camp Session
  • Followed by six 1-hour coaching calls over the next 5 months to stay on task
  • Then we do a second 4-hour Laser Focus Boot Camp Session to lay out what’s to be done when the coaching is complete
  • I provide you with tracking tools and a notebook to record your progress, the road bumps, etc.  I believe strongly in writing things down and tracking your progress. 
  • I am available to answer your emails and occasional miscellaneous calls
  • And as a bonus, I offer one session with another person of your choice.  Ideal for your assistant, spouse/partner or your Virtual 
  • email-me-iconassistant. 

So, do you crave accountability?  Do you wish for the day that you have the business and life that beckons you? 

If so, email me or call me at 828-225-8852 and let’s see if the 6-Month Power-Pack Experience is right for you.