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Join or start Accountability Group: How Culpability Can Help You Stay on Track

I firmly believe that whSuccessen you have a plan to do something big you need to share it with anyone who will listen.  This isn’t about bragging or boasting but it is about accountability. The more people you tell about your project or plan the more disappointed they will be if it doesn’t happen. You’ve given yourself one more reason to finish what you’ve started.  

Then I learned about Accountability Groups. There are a lot of potential applications and you find lots of resources online, but in my line of business they can be used for entrepreneurs, freelancers, or small business professionals together and create a network of accountability. (I always have at least one accountability group going for myself at all times.)

The rules are fluid. Accountability groups (also called MasterMind groups) can be as few as two people and as many as you could possibly imagine. They should be exclusive in that only people you know who are dedicated to making a difference in their own lives and potentially the lives of others should be invited.

The group should be made up of individuals who will provide honest feedback as part of the discussions and you should all be able to trust one another. Trust takes time to build but you want to have a good gut feeling that all the people in your group are trustworthy.  

Most importantly, an accountability group needs to be consistent and committed. The whole intention of the meetings is to encourage everyone to finish what they started so only dropping in when it is convenient is exactly the opposite of the process.

There are other things your group should be as well. It should be a fun place to get together and bounce ideas off of other professionals. It should challenge you to live up to your own goals so you don’t disappoint the other members of your group. Working with the right group of people can help you grow your business and stay organized and on track. It can enhance your life as well, giving you an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with like-minded people.

Look in your area for groups that are already in place designed to help people like you achieve their goals. If you don’t find one, start one. Talk to other small business owners and people who work for themselves and pitch the idea of getting together. You can talk about your individual goals and provide encouragement for each other throughout the process. Imagine the celebrations as each of you accomplish what you set out to do! 

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For more ideas on motivating yourself or coaching to keep you on the right track, contact me today! 

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