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3 Tips for More Holiday Joy!

Amid the tinsel and smell of pine boughs, between the aroma of baking cookies and the hustle and the bustle…I hear a rumble. 

More specifically, I “feel” a tension that causes me to take note.

It’s the fear of the holiday season.  But how can it be?  This is the most joyous time of the year?

Well, truth is, it can be a joyful time for some BUT for many people, the holidays mean facing some of their biggest fears, most sinister triggers and perhaps a painful awareness that their life is not what they would have chosen. 

I say in one of my talks…”Excuse me waiter…this is not the life I ordered!”

If you are one of us…one of us who have to navigate tricky water all the while trying to stay afloat and keep a genuine smile on your face…I have a few tips.

1. If it is not a “Hell Yes” it is a “No”.  There is no rule that you must go to everything and do everything.  This applies year round but most especially during the stress of the holidays.  If you don’t want to do something…don’t.

2. Decide on YOUR priorities and let those guide your actions.  Is rest and peace what you want?  Then let go of the hustle and bustle and make pretty cards for people instead of shopping like a crazy person.  Do you want to stay home instead of trucking all over the country?  Guess what, you can. 

3. Love yourself enough to forgo the drama. This is my personal favorite and the most challenging for me.  So in preparation for my travels this year I have informed my family (in a very non-dramatic way) that I will be leaving if and when the drama reaches a point that is uncomfortable for me or the kids.  Yep…leaving the holiday action.  NOTHING is worth taking on the drama of others. 

It’s really this simple….do only what you want to do, have your actions match your priorities for the holidays and have a zero tolerance policy for drama.

Wishing you the most peace-full, smile-filled, joy-filled and beauty-full holiday that you can imagine!



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