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#2 Big “But”. . . I Ain’t Got No Money, Honey!

As I wrote in my last post, I believe there are five primary “buts” that hold people back.

Wait . . . I should say that more accurately: There are five primary “buts” people use as excuses to hold themselves back. 

This newsletter is about the #2 “But” . . . I don’t have enough money.

Most things take money . . . or at least we think they do.  And one thing I hear universally from clients and friends and even myself is “I don’t have enough.” 

When I hear this excuse, my first question is: “How much do you need?” or “How much will it take to do _______?”  When I ask clients this question they typically say, “Well I’m not sure, but I know it’s more than I have.”

My response then is: “How do you know you don’t have enough when you don’t know how much you need?”  At this point they look a bit irritated because they realize I’m not going to let them off the hook.

Just like with the “But” of “I don’t have time”, most people have no idea how much money they need to do the thing they want to do. They simply haven’t gathered the information.  They whine about not having enough even before they know how much enough is. 

Okay . . . so now what?

How do we let go of this very real story . . . this story that we cannot afford to have or do what we want? 

First, GET THE FACTS! (This is almost ALWAYS the first step when busting a “but”.) How much money are we talking about here?  $50?  $2,000?  $50,000?  How much capital do you need to do the thing or things you want to do? 

Pull out a piece of paper and begin writing the cost down.  Search the internet, make a few calls.  Get the real numbers.

Second, LOOK AT THE FACTS! Are the numbers you gathered bigger or smaller than you imagined?  Is there wiggle room or a way to adjust the numbers?  Do you have options for how much money it will take?  (Hint: The answer is yes . . . you ALWAYS have options.)

For example:  You can backpack through Europe, sleeping in hostiles and eating one meal a day, or you can go first class with all the trimmings.  It’s a choice, and your choice will affect your numbers. You may want to calculate the cost of several options!

Third, COMPARE THE FACTS WITH WHERE YOU ARE NOW. Take your numbers and compare them to the amount of money you currently have.  Do you have enough now to do what you want (and were you foolin’ yourself all along), or do you need to bring in more money?  Are there ways you can spend what you currently have differently so you can get what you really want? 

Be honest when you look at this stuff.  Being honest is the only real way to get what you want!

Here’s the truth . . . you have money. 



Most likely you live indoors and eat.  The question becomes what are you doing with the money you have now?  Do your choices support where you really want to go?  And/or, do you have the desire and willingness to make some changes to generate more money? 

And lastly, the question may be: “What other resources do you have that can get you what you want with little or no money?” 

Can you house swap if you want to travel to new places? Can you trade your gifts and talents with others who can help you achieve what you want?

Be creative!  Ask yourself (and others): “How can I do ______ with little or no money?”  And then listen.

(Case in point:  I just took a fabulous vacation to Germany as part of a singing group for only the cost of airfare.)

So, are you ready to get the facts about your money and eliminate this convenient excuse? Are you ready to stop saying “I don’t have enough?”   

I bet you a dollar you are!  

Next up . . .  “What will people think of me?”

To Be Continued!

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