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#1 Big “But” . . . I Don’t Have Enough Time!

The Top 5 “Buts” That Hold Us Back

  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I don’t have enough money.
  • What will other’s think?  What if they don’t like it/me?
  • I don’t know how.
  • I don’t have what it takes. (aka I’m not good enough.)
I bet you’ve said or thought every one of these statements at some time.  Even the most successful, proficient people feel and say these things. The difference is . . . many of those people don’t actually BELIEVE what they’re saying.   

One of the favorite ideas that I share with my audiences when I’m speaking is “Don’t believe everything you think.”

Okay . . . but what if you do believe those statements?  Where do you go from there?

In the next 5 newsletters I’m going to take each one of the statements above and do a little motivatin’.  I’m going to shine a light on these limiting beliefs.
#1:  I don’t enough time.  

This is the first “But” to come out of most people’s mouths when I challenge them about why they aren’t doing or having what they want.  And it’s a tricky one.

Chances are you’re very busy.  We all are.   But here’s the real question you need to ask yourself. “What exactly are you busy doing?”

What are you doing with your time–hour to hour, day to day?  To eliminate this “but” you’ve got to do an HONEST assessment of your time. 

If you don’t do the assessment but continue to say you don’t have enough time . . . well . . . you’re just whining. 

Do you play on-line solitaire or watch TV?  Do you spend a lot of time gabbing with friends?  Do you surf the Internet or do a lot of reading? 

There is nothing categorically wrong with these activities.  However, you are choosing to spend your time doing these things–time you say you DON’T have.  Ouch! 

“Ok Cheri . . . those things are sort of a waste of time  But I don’t do them often and I still don’t have enough time to do the thing/s I want!”  

Then you’ve got to dig even deeper. I ask again . . . What exactly are you busy doing?

Do you volunteer for your favorite organizations?  How much time does that take?  Could some of the time you use to serve on Boards or Committees be spent on your dreams? Do you insist on a pristinely neat house or home-cooked dinners that take a long time to prepare? Are you constantly taking care of others’ needs before your own?

While these things are not “wastes of time” per se, you are choosing to use your precious 24 hours in these ways. 

Remember, even if something is “good”, it’s still a choice and doing it prevents you from doing something else.
So here it is . . . when we say “I don’t have time”, most of us are not telling the truth.  We have the same amount of time as everyone else on the planet. The truer statement would be “I’m not spending my time to do ‘X’ right now.” 

Yes, we’re all busy, but pursuing something YOU want to have, do or be is worth the shifts it will take the shrink the I-don’t-have-enough-time “but”.

Next up . . . “I don’t have enough money.”

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